Wednesday, April 13, 2005

St Paul's Methodist Church. Guess where? Across the road from the MFA Houston! It looks Anglican. And then, the red-brick Adamesque Presbyterian church down the road looks Methodist. Odd swaps. Posted by Hello

A Renaissance angel at the MFAH - again Dad took these pics and I don't know the titles, won't even guess the artists unless I can. Posted by Hello

A Manet at the MFAH. In this I see the silence and isolation that everyone tends towards on lazy summer afternoons. Posted by Hello

FYI, my Dad took all the photos of the MFAH. He likes the action paintings and the Canalettos. This one, unhorsed! Posted by Hello

Lobby of antiquities floor at MFAH Posted by Hello

Definitely 20th century room at MFAH. This looks like a cast by Picasso, one of which was sold at Christie's last year. Also nice and shiny. Posted by Hello

Classical bronze figure against the patron wall at the MFAH Posted by Hello

Outside a 1960s section of the MFAH Posted by Hello

The tunnel linking the classic wing with the contemporary at the Musem of Fine Arts Houston. The colours change in a continuous cycle. Posted by Hello

Tiffany window at MFAHouston Posted by Hello

A water feature outside the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Posted by Hello

Exterior Portland Conference Center, Oregon, USA.  Posted by Hello

Roof of Portland Conference Center Posted by Hello

Windows at Portland Conference Center Posted by Hello

Hanging from the ceiling at the Portland (Oregon) Conference Center Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005

Full dress, swords drawn. Some of the Royal Horse Artillery based up the road. They pass nearly every morning, usually in regular greens. Wonder what the occasion was for this? Posted by Hello

With my best friends Lydia and Anthony, Sept. 04. We grew up together. Posted by Hello